Envel update

Dear Envel Community,

I want to personally thank you for all your support, input and feedback!

It has been incredibly useful in helping us improve our product features and allows us to deliver the intuitive experience you want from Envel.

Our design and engineering teams are working hard to develop all the features you requested, and we are thrilled to start unveiling updates.

Over the course of the next 8 weeks, we plan to introduce the following features:

While we are prioritizing the features above, rest assured we are working on more updates! Below is a sneak peek of features in progress.

  • Express ACH deposits
  • More Apple Pay functionality
  • More Flexible Joint Accounts
  • Virtual Debit Cards
  • Remote Check Deposits
  • Savings Accounts
  • Connect your Credit Card & other investment accounts
  • Bill Pay

We are so grateful for the valuable feedback the community has provided to us. If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or our great support team at support@envel.ai

Like you, we want a better banking experience and we’re working our socks off to make sure we deliver the best product possible for our Envel Community.



Founder & CEO, Envel Inc.


Sounds awesome! Can’t wait for the tagging and expenses.


This is amazing, I can’t wait for all these new features to be implemented.

I also want to say, this app is absolutely beautiful. I’m happy for you guys to update and simply, but please don’t take away the colors and the fun of it. Less emojis is perfectly fine - but so many developers are afraid of using color, and I think it looks and runs beautifully.

Keep it up!


Thank you for the support friend! I am conveying your message to the team, they will be super excited.

As always, feel free to keep posting about additional features you would like to see! We are keeping a tally to help determine our future roadmap.



We are finally getting closer to simple’s best features! Keep up the great work and thanks for listening to us!


Welcome to the community forum Emmanuel! Thrilled you are here! Please feel free to post any feedback :grin:


I agree. All the other banks have white minimalist designs, which isn’t terrible simple had that. I actually don’t even mind the emojis. Maybe I have a zoomer brain. Lol


YES! Joint accounts is critical to our ability use this. I travel for a living and my wife and I being able to both access is vital. Please work this through ASAP as I know a number of other users want this as well! Thanks!


Not sure if this would be an unpopular opinion, but I’d love to support a paid version account to help support and maybe develop features quicker.

I don’t know if this is what eventually lead Simple to sell to BBVA, but I wish this never happened as this obviously lead to eventual closure of the company. If there was an option to make a paid version to help future development, help fund staff, customer service, etc… I would fully support that and I would do that for Envel. Just give us what we want and I’m happy to pay for a great service.


Hey Joel,

Thank you, and welcome to our forum! We have definitely heard this frequently, especially from former Simple users. Conveying your note to the team, and feel free to post on this forum with other feedback or questions!


Thank you! A paid subscription model was part of the original plan (and is still part of our long term roadmap). For now our dev team is focused on perfecting the app so that anyone can have access to budgeting tools, but I will convey your feedback to the team and see if I can get an update on where we are at!


As a longtime Simple user, this is very exciting! Can’t wait to see the future here at Envel. Please stay strong, us simple users need you!


It’s the tagging feature that I’m most looking forward to. Would literally solve every problem I have if I can just move transactions.


We most definitely will!

I’m so glad to hear it! We can’t wait to get your thoughts on it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it.


That’s an expensive coffee habit. :pleading_face:

Are the sub accounts mandatory? I’m not sure that I want them all linked to my cash account, and able to clear out my cash account if they dont have a balance.

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It will be a hybrid Ryan, there will be both sub accounts and actual accounts. What will this look like? Simple in the beginning, we have some ideas. But we’ll find out when you guys are playing around with it to see how we can improve and what we should focus on.


I ABSOLUTELY would have paid a monthly fee to keep Simple, had they asked. I, too, wondered if their expensive development (paired with a no-fee philosophy) is what did them in