Envel WebApp?

Is there not a regular web-based interface for Envel? Is it phone app only?? This is a huge deal breaker for me, especially when trying to audit transactions. The phone app is great for quick/simple tasks but I need a regular computer to dig into details.

Is this on the roadmap?


Yeah this is a pretty big deal for me too. I need to be able to pull this up side-by-side with other records.


I’d like to know the answer to this too. Coming from Simple, the web app (amount other things ) is really going to be missed.


Hi @Jmtyra, @atshef, @nmorton, @codenomics thank you all so much for the feedback! I agree, it is nice to be able to pull up you records on a computer.

Since all of you and more have mentioned this, I will put it at “Stop Everything!” priority on our team board! That means it’s super high on our to do list :slight_smile:

Keep the suggestions and feedback coming, we are ultimately building the app to best serve y’all!


Hey codenomics, I’m so sorry! We’ve had a lot less onboarding issues with our newest version, and our team in working around the clock to improve the onboarding process!

What step did you get stuck on? Happy to prioritize getting you onboarded tomorrow, we value your input and feedback a lot! If you haven’t already, feel free to submit a ticket to support@envel.ai. We want to get you onboard ASAP!

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Thank you!! :heart::smiley::+1: Really looking forward to this improvement.


Yay for WebApp! Hope to see this soon :slight_smile:

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It’s in our pipeline! We got you :wink:


So am I! I definitely like to see my statements on my computer/monitor since they are quite long. A WebApp completely makes sense, especially for folks who aren’t use to spending 95% of their day on their smart phone


I just opened a new thread on this request. Glad to see that it is a high priority. I have no intention of staying with Apple much longer. I need to have a Web app version or I wont be using Envel.


It’s on our roadmap! We have quite a lot of features and improvements on our roadmap though, but as we continue to grow and fundraise we will increase our capacity to rapidly incorporate user suggestions

This really should be a top priority not not a down the road thing… not only because it simplifies things. But what do I do if I lose or break my phone and I need to look into my account? or I lose my wallet and phone at the same time? I’ll have no way of knowing if my card is being used or not? id have to call someone to get account info??? Definitely won’t be using this bank until it has something as essential as viewing my account on my computer.

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Hi Ammi! Welcome to the forum! We really appreciate your feedback and hope to align the app with more people’s needs like the one you have mentioned.

I agree with you - this is a very important feature! I know many people will not join without a web app so I will find out what the timeline on this is :slight_smile:


Late reply but I have to quit the bank I thought I was going to use. I actually worked with someone on you IG account for a while trying to figure it out until I got so frustrated I gave up.
But it looks like it has been fixed.
I was all excited and was even ready to throw down money and invest but ran into too many issues and was scared off.
I am just super nervous about trying it out with the issues already. But I was going to try again and it worked… Too bad there is no option to just upload verification docs… I have to print them out just to take a picture of them, come on.

Maybe you should sign up for a bank that is established already. A start up is going have some pain points at the beginning. Simple was pretty trash when it first came out and was trash for awhile after. They got better with every release and envel seems to be getting slightly better with every release.

Hey there,

I am very sorry to hear that you have been having issues finding a solid bank. I would like to help you out in any way I can. Aside from the verification process, are there any issues that we can help you at with? Do you have any support tickets open? If so I a happy to check up on them and make sure you get a prompt reply.

Jacqui + the Envel Team

Great idea! I will convey to our developers, as I know that they are always looking to improve the on boarding process

Any update on the Web App version of Envel?

Hey David,

I just spoke with one of our developers, who said that they are currently working on other features. They do intend to build at least a partial Web App, where users can onboard and upload documents, but they have not started this yet. I will continue to push for a Web App as a priority to our dev team, as we have gotten many requests. I know that once we complete our series A round, we plan to expand our dev team substantial so we will be able to tackle these requests much quicker!


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Same here. Web functionality is a must, I am currently just a “tester” with few bucks in the account. For me, switching to a bank that only has one option of accessing it ( phone ) is a big no-no. What happens if your phone is lost, stolen, suddenly bricked. You are completely out of luck until you get a new phone. With a web-based bank, you can simply hop on any computer, any platform, and be back and running.

Waiting for this feature to be implemented before switching my family over :slight_smile: