Envelope for food delivery?

How would this work? I want to budget myself to less than $200 in food delivery per month.

If I set up a envelope for “seamless” I only get an ach number which seamless doesn’t take. If I use my debit card and it’s taken out of my cash balance I can’t then reassign it to the correct envelope.

How are others dealing with this?

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Hey David,

This is a great goal. Door Dash and Grub Hub have really done a number on my savings since the pandemic started. I’ve actually never used Seamless, is it relatively new to the game?

Is the issue that you need an account AND a routing number? The two solutions I can think of in the current version of the app are to include this in your Groceries automatic envelope (where you can input a monthly amount; just make sure to activate your Groceries envelope) or to create a custom envelope for Groceries where you manually send money each month. Both these give an account and a routing number. Let me know if these don’t work for you!

We are currently focused on improving the overall AI functionality with respect to budgeting, such as to allow the user to customize by adding different types of Bills and other monthly expenses such as food delivery. Stay posted!

Jacqui + the Envel Team

I can def use the grocery envelope but seamless, which is actually owned by grub hub will only take a debt card. Not an ach. Without virtual cards there is no way to specify that my seamless orders should be in the grocery envelope?

I guess I could make my order, switch apps, link my debt card, then go back to seamless and make sure I check out in 5 minutes. That’s seems like more work then it’s worth.

Also a lot of the time I’m ordering from my laptop, or my wife has my login and orders on her phone, etc.

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Yes, you can definitely link your card each time. For me that always serves as a reminder to myself (do you really want to order a $30 hamburger again?)

Virtual cards are definitely on the table for discussion. Stay posted!