Envelope totals bug

I don’t actually know if this is a bug or not, I’ve had someone on chat tell me it’s not a bug but what they said made no sense at all and they stopped responding to my questions. So I’m here trying to figure out why the transactions in one of my envelopes don’t add up. It says I have zero dollars available but doing the math with all the transactions taken into account I should have well over $100 in that envelope. I would prefer not sharing screenshots here publicly so can someone private message me since no one is responding on the app? I want to know where that money went.

which envelope is it?

Hey Eireann,

I’m so sorry that you are having issues! I can either follow up with whoever was assisting you in support, or you can DM me by clicking on my photo and selecting ‘Message.’ Which envelope is this? If its your Vault, your Goals are funded directly from this envelope, which could be where the funds are going. If it is Cash, sometimes you have to turn spending guidance off (by tapping on the brain icon and switching it off). Also, if you have AI turned on, its possible that if new funds came in your envelope balances were moved around.

In any case, if you could share a screenshot of the envelope itself (with the graph), and what you are seeing in your Transactions tab that would be super helpful!


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