Envelopes limit

We are moving to Envel from Simple. All of our budget is separated into pockets between goals and expenses. Is it possible to eliminate or increase the limit of shared envelopes? It is a headache for our budgeting. Basically, we would have to do everything by hand and then consolidate our expenses in less envelopes and fill them manually… but then, that would be like having a traditional account. Help!

Hi Nat! Welcome to the community forum! We’re thrilled to hear from you and help make this transition smoother :partying_face:

There is a limit on the number of accounts you have rather than a limit on each category of envelopes . So you are only able to create 99 envelopes. You could choose to have 95 shared envelopes apart from your cash, bills, emergency and vault envelopes. Have you got to 99 envelopes (different accounts)? If you are not able to create more shared envelopes but have less than 99 envelopes altogether, let me know and I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

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