Error Signing Up

I’ve been trying to sign up for a few weeks and get an error every single time. What is going on with this app and the sign up process? If people are working around the clock to truly fix this why has it been a month of me trying to sign up? Also, there needs to be an alternative to upload documents instead of the app. If the app goes down we can’t upload our documents online because y’all don’t have have a website. Just an app. I’m about to give up and use ONE because Envel is clearly!!!:wastebasket:

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Hey Cam,

Thank you for reaching out, and I’m so sorry you are having issues signing up. This definitely isn’t the user experience we want to provide, and are committed to doing better.

We’ve been working on resolving a recurring issue with our on boarding process, and I’ve just reached out to our technical and support team members to see if I can get an update, and will let you know as soon as I hear back.

How far along are you able to get in the onboarding until you see this message?

All the best,

It lets me submit all my documents and then it says oops there was an error and sends me back to the beginning of the document submission process.

Hey Cam,

Thank you for your patience! I just got an update from our tech team: this error is a known bug which they’ve just implemented a fix for that will be available in the next version (Envel 2.0.9), which is currently in internal testing and should land in the App Store tomorrow or Wednesday!

We apologize sincerely for the delay and hope that you will give us another chance once we get this resolved.