Escape the vault

So you enter the vault, just to see how it works… or maybe a misclick

But then… without breaking the glass, how do you get out?

My solution: crash the app and open it again, because nothing else closed that unsettling red screen.

Hi there! You can tap the hammer which will take you to a screen asking what you need the funds for. Look for the back button in the top left corner. It will take you back to the vault where you can exit again onto the envelopes screen :slight_smile:

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Hmm that’s fair. But the screen looks scary, and I should be able to leave without going deeper into the scary interaction :rofl::crazy_face:

At least you won’t ever try to break in and overspend! :clap: :joy:

So THAT was the master plan? To frighten people from spending their savings?!
Your evil master plan is showing!!!

But seriously, give users an X or a Back Arrow just so in case they messed up, they can undo without fearing that by unlocking or smashing their vault, BAD THINGS HAPPEN like they will no longer be getting their accrual.

Simple separated the savings, and kept them separate from spendable cash, but they in no way tried to prevent or incur difficulty to be able to tap into that. I’m ok with the “mash the piggy bank” theme, and helping people save money by making them double-guess their choice to tap into them, but I mean… LET ME OUT! I dont want to get stuck in the vault and asphyxiate!

:stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

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Got it! :raised_hands: In terms of savings, the emergency envelope is for unexpected expenses so you don’t have to dip into the vault (and jeopardize some savings) but you could also set up savings goals in goals if you would like :slight_smile:

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The master plan is to help our users increase their financial health and literacy! The statistics on credit card, student, and other types of debt in the US are quite concerning, and our founding mission was ultimately to help alleviate this problem!

You can always access your Vault/Savings if necessary. But to honor our true master plan, we always warn the users beforehand in an attempt to discourage transactions that aren’t in the best interest of the user’s financial health!

I appreciate the multiple hoops I have to jump through to get at my Vault money. Having ADHD, they certainly make me question the need.

But I agree, users need a way out of every screen unless there is an overriding reason why they can only go forward with a flow.

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Thanks for the comment! Will definitely have a discussion about the addition of a back button :slight_smile:

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