Everything getting declined

Hi, everything I tried buying today was declined, even an Amazon transaction. I also tried to buy a pair of shoes to no avail and of course there was plenty of money to cover the items. Also, it seems Envel has a problem with recurring/ subscription payments, those get declined too and had to pay another way. Also need help understanding about when money is drawn from “income”, where is this “income envelope”? I don’t see one and I somehow transferred $39.90 to it and it disappeared. I’m a bit worried too that I might get declined trying to get cash at the ATM. Can someone please help? I’m too late to talk to someone on the support line.

Without knowing your settings my 1st guess would be turn off the AI spending, or AI in general temporarily…


Thanks, AI has been off this whole time.

Also join the discord channel for more assistance in the group chat including Envel users and the employee team


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Hey Sean,

Welcome to our forum, we are super excited to have you on board and vey sorry you are having issues!

Your income account is where your funds are deposited before they are split by the AI. They should enter and leave the income account as soon as funds are deposited into your account. The funds disappeared because they were deposited into another envelope! If your AI is off, it should have been cash.

However, you income account is ONLY for deposits, not payments. So make sure that you have provided vendors with you Cash envelope account number, not the income account number (this is what you give for direct deposit).

Are any of the transactions getting declined Card transactions?

Again, I am very sorry for these issues and will do my very best to help you ASAP!


Thanks Gary, the Discord server is an excellent place for timely support!

Thanks for replying Jacqui, the funds disappearing did not go to the cash envelope, they are in income and I can’t access them to move them to the cash envelope. So frustrating, and what’s more frustrating is I can’t use my account to pay bills or anything right now. The only thing I can think of doing is going to the ATM and take money I need out, but would that fail too? Please fix this, I don’t know why this is happening in the first place. So, I need access to my money, otherwise I will start being delinquent on bills.

Hey Sean,

Try toggling the autopilot switch on and off, this typically free up funds stuck in income!

In regards to declined transactions, please see my above message. To best assist you, can you please let me know whether these transactions are via card or routing/account number? If the latter, please make sure you are NOT using your income account routing number.


I am not using income routing number, just using it like I have before which is suppose to come out of cash envelope. The past two days, anything I have tried to buy has been declined, Amazon, my phone carrier, you name it.

Hey Sean,

I’m very sorry to hear that. Have you opened a support ticket yet? If not I can do so for you if you provide the email or name associated with your account. If you could send us screenshots or what you are currently seeing in your Cash envelope, that would be super helpful!


I have, and I had to go through reidentifying myself again yesterday and have heard nothing back. It shouldn’t be so complicated to let someone use their account again. Just open my account so I can pay my bills. I just tried to add data to my phone and again, couldn’t do it.

Hey Sean,

Alright, thank you! I am moving our conversation over to the support channel in order to best assist you.


Let me say this, I have done nothing wrong to make this happen. It boggles my mind that something as simple as using a checking account can be so difficult.

Thanks for addressing this Jacqui.

Happy to help, I’m very sorry this is happening and am looking at your support ticket right now.

Hey Sean,

My colleague is currently investigating and will get back to me shortly!


Thanks again for taking care of this.

I would have followed up sooner but I had a lot of errands. Most of these have been declined card transactions. Nothing can be purchased or billed.

Okay, so it looks like there’s another day passed and nothing resolved. There’s no other way to say it, I need access to my money to pay my bills, make purchases and to live. Why is this so difficult to resolve? I can’t even buy the simplest thing. Aargh, what a nightmare. You’re killing me here.

Here we are on Friday and nothing has be resolved in my account. I actually tried this morning to make a purchase at the grocery store, but again, it was declined. It’s a good thing I had cash borrowed from a friend, which I hate to do because I like to take care of things myself. I have heard nothing about the progress to fix this situation for almost 24 hours, no message, no email, no call. This kind of thing should never, ever happen and then drag on for days and days. this is a major flaw in the way your bank works. I’ve been pretty patient up until now, but it’s wearing thin. I shouldn’t have to say any of this, but please fix this today and don’t let it go through the weekend, because then there’s no one around. Give me some feedback on this. I need to hear from you.