Everything to Bills?

I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time figuring out how much to put in my Bills envelope every paycheck because I recently opened a Petco Rewards Mastercard and have been using that as my main way to pay for things (I’ve already gotten $30 in Petco rewards in just 3 months of using it, so it’s clearly working well for me) and I’m trying to keep it paid off every month. I know I put a large amount in my AI setup to pay that, but this payday my entire paycheck went to my Bills envelope. Nothing to Cash, Emergency or Vault.

And yes, I know, I can try turning AI mode off and on again, but I really hate doing that because it always takes a ton out of my Emergency envelope and puts way too much into the Cash envelope (even though I’m not spending as much from Cash because of the credit card). That always makes me crazy because I put a bunch of money into the Emergency envelope because I don’t want to spend it and then when I redistribute it, I get the :scream: guy on the main screen and I’m like, “No, I’m not running out of money, I just put a bunch in Emergency so I don’t spend it. Stop making me feel bad for trying to be responsible!”

tl;dr; 3 complaints:

  1. My entire paycheck went to Bills, which is not right (though I do believe more needs to go to Bills than Cash for me, but not the entire paycheck)
  2. When I try to recalibrate the AI mode, it always takes a bunch of money out of Emergency when I originally put it there on purpose. That’s not what I want it to do.
  3. If I move money from Cash to a different envelope, I get shamed for “spending” too much money when moving money to a different envelope is a responsible thing to do. Stop shaming me for trying to be responsible!

Hey Coley,

I’m so sorry you are having issues with our AI split, and am conveying your feedback to our AI team right now. I will say that with our upcoming subaccounts, we are signficantly reworking the way our AI split works, to give users more control over exactly how much goes into each envelope.

One question, and feel free to DM me if you prefer: If you check your calibrations, what is the total sum of your Bills you have indicated? And how much was your paycheck? Is it possible that you had a very large Bills due right after your paycheck landed?


I don’t remember what I had as the total sum of my bills, but I adjusted it so that it had the credit card payment coming out every other week to line up with my paychecks. I think that way, I won’t run the risk of my entire check going to the Bills envelope again. It’s totally possible that I did have the entire month’s credit card payment due after that paycheck. It was just kind of shocking to see that happen AND everything in my Cash envelope getting moved there too. Luckily I’ve been using that credit card for everything I can, so I didn’t run the risk of any rejected transactions.

I also still find it frustrating that if I recalibrate or turn AI mode off/on to take care of errors, it puts most of my money into my Cash envelope and only puts a little in my Emergency envelope. I’ve been trying to establish a substantial emergency fund and really hate that if I have to recalibrate, I have to make a note of how much was in there in order to put it back to where I originally had it. It’s usually recommended that you have 3 months worth of income set aside in an emergency fund, but apparently the AI doesn’t seem to understand that. I don’t need $1000+ in my Cash envelope for 2 weeks as a single person.

Please do pass along my comment about the emoji on the home screen, though. I don’t like being shamed for manually putting money where I think it should go. I still can’t do my annual/semi-annual bills within the Bills envelope, so I really don’t appreciate that the emoji gets more concerned because I tucked away money in other envelopes. It’s one thing if I actually spent it with my card, but I don’t consider putting money in other envelopes “spending” and I certainly don’t think I’m being irresponsible for doing so. The emoji seems to think otherwise.

Hey Coley,

Thank you very much for the feedback, I will absolutely pass along your comment about the emoji, as well as your other feedback around the AI split. You definitely shouldn’t feel any shame for organizing your finances in a way that suits you!

Please let us know if you have any other feedback. As I mentioned, we are currently building a system to make the AI split much more customizable for our users.

All the best,

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