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Exciting New Features: Plaid Exchange and Pinwheel (connect directly to payroll!)

Hi friends!

We are super excited to announce the arrival of 2 new features on Envel 2.1.0 (make sure you download the new app to access these features!)

  1. Due to popular demand, we are now listed on Plaid Exchange! You can now connect to Envel through any external apps that use Plaid, to be able to add funds to (and send funds from) your Envel account more easily.

To set this up, open the home screen and select Add Funds β†’ Plaid Connectivity.
You will be prompted to create a password that you can use to login to Envel on Plaid exchange.

  1. We have integrated with a service called Pinwheel, which allows you to connect directly to your payroll/employer through the Envel app, without ever having to contact HR! You can select to have your entire paycheck, or a portion of it, directly deposited into your Envel account each payday. This will allow you to get access to your hard-earned cash quicker and more easily!

To set this up, go to Add Funds β†’ Direct Deposit β†’ Set up. This will open up a screen that will allow you to search for and login to your payroll provider.

Your security and privacy are our top priority, and therefore both of these features are 100% encrypted, safe, and secure.

Any issues, questions, or feedback? We’re here to listen.

Jacqui + the Envel team

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