Extra deposit notifications... like, a lot

Hey there! So for my first direct deposit I actually received two different ones from my employer, but the notification behaviour was very strange. Here’s the notifications I received (I’ve circled the two actual deposits that took place). Notably, the second deposit notification came in right before it went through and never told me it posted, while the other notified me several times 12 hour prior, then the last time to tell me that it posted.


Just kidding the larger deposit hasn’t posted yet even though they should’ve both been initiated at the same time.

Hey @Carlile,

Thank you for the screenshot, and for your note! I will log this as a bug on our team board, and if you would like I can also submit a ticket for you? Thank way someone from our tech or compliance team can help you get this figured out.

We are definitely trying to improve our overall notification system, and have gotten a lot of suggestions. I’m going to add a board here and a post on reddit specifically about notification suggestions!

I personally think that notifications are extremely important in apps in general and particularly in fintech apps. People want reassuring notifications (such as your $$$ is safe and sound in your account) but also get easily overwhelmed by too much data and buzzes from their phone.

So yes, notifications feedback, keep it coming! And like I said I’m also forwarding this pic to our tech team.

Jacqui from Envel


If you want to put in the ticket, that would be great? Otherwise I’ll get around to it. Just wasn’t sure if other people had the same problem or not.

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Thanks @Carlile2011, the last two weeks was all about revamping our onboarding process and eliminating bugs (:crossed_fingers:). Next week we’ll be working working on all the user feedback/bugs we and users found.

We have seen these duplicates in notifications with other users as well, all logged in our to do board :slight_smile: Thanks for posting it and keep them coming :muscle:


We actually had a chat about notifications this morning! We all agree that there is a lot of improvement we can make, and are on it!

If you would like me to submit the ticket it’s very easy, I just need your email! Or you can also email support@envel.ai and this will automatically create a ticket!

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Y’all probably don’t need another screenshot, but here’s one:

Would love to see this bug squashed :slight_smile:

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We’re on it! And we appreciate the screenshots, the more detail we can provide to our engineering team the better!