[Feature Request] Credit Card as catch all/Overdraft source

Hey Envel!,

I thought of feature that might be really unique for Envel!

Because Envel does not allow Overdraft transactions, I think it would be nice if Envel would act as a middle man like (Extra.app). I would be nice to have any transactions that you do not have funds for the system will automatically charge your other Debit cards/credit cards and allow the transaction to go through.

Privacy.com is a company that does this, they act like card proxy.

Hey Chen,

Thank you for the feedback! When you say ‘other Debit cards’, do you mean those from another bank? That may be challenging as we are also a bank. However, remember that you do always have an emergency Envel that you can pull from if your cash envelope gets declined (you can swipe to link to any envelopes!)



Thanks for getting back to me,
I understand we have a Emergency Fund by default.

However, many us have 3 or 4 credit cards.

I think it would be a unique feature for Envel to have a way for you to put your credit card details in for a specific fund and then say if your fund runs out it uses your credit card for the charges that went over.

For example, Say I have a pizza fund with 50$ and with this suggested feature I can put it to use a backup fund like a credit card. At that point if I were to put a charge of 60$ I’ll be short 10$… If we had this feature, Envel could then do a charge of 10$ on my credit card or backup fund.

Similar to how PayPal does it with subscriptions.
(If one funding source fails use a second source or if you have a paypal balance it would use that first and use the remainder on your backup sources).

In theory this will be awesome for people who have credit cards but don’t want to use them and will help people use the funds that they already have instead of flat out using a credit card.
if that makes sense.

I think a similar example is that of what ( [jeffeisley] had mentioned in Ghost & Credit Envelopes) however in his example Envel was the Credit Provider.

I understand the issue with other debit cards as well. Mind you; I have a debit card for “Crypto.com” one for my business one for my “Nexo.io” and a few other investment branches too. If I had this feature i can have some sort of system where I can have funds use a backup source to these other cards that way I’ll have a consolidation of all my other cards into one card.

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Hey Chen,

Thank you for clarifying! This makes complete sense, and is a great idea. We’re definitely looking into the option of offering a credit envelope, and will keep you posted!



Awesome, Thank you so much!
I’ll really appreciate it!
I’m looking forward to seeing it in the near future! :smiley:


Hey Jacqueline,

I want to add on to @Chen_Chiu 's suggestion with one that’s similar. I am covering expenses with my credit cards and paying it back in full before the cycle close date. Is it possible to add credit cards to Envel, where Envel just acts as a pass through transactor (so we can still receive our points and rewards). The feature of having one card that can be manually changed to draw from different envelope is one of the features that made me go with Envel. The way that I Set up my finances works well with Envels philosophy, But to keep in line with. my own philosophy… It would be better to use my Envil card to transact as a “Dummy/Smart” credit card for my specific credit cards; and when it comes time to close out my credit card cycles it would just pay from an already funded envelope for credit cards payments.

I hope that was clear.
Jephri S.