Features I would like to see added

So I finally got in! I have been playing around with the the feauters, things I would like to see…

  1. Bills catagory:

to include Credit Cards/Loans, Insurance or custom name.
Option to set yearly due date like car registration, yearly fees ie. subscriptions paid yearly not monthly or custom date like insurance dur evey 6 months.

Also, when you set your own bills I would like to just be able to click on the bills envelope and be able to see the list with amounts and due dates to make sure he they were paid.

  1. Accounts:

An actual “Cash on Hands” manual catagory to be added to accounts so you know actual value, totals or other accounts that wont link like Venmo or Investments through plaid.

  1. Goals:

The actual amount in each catagory paid and the due date, option to boost if behind.

Hey Amanda,

Welcome to our forum, we are super excited to have you on board!

And thank you for the constructive feedback. In regards to bills, the ability to visualize bill progress by clicking on the envelope is currently being developed! And I’ve made a note about the yearly due dates, as well as your suggestions for categories. We actually had a post about that a few weeks ago, as we are aware that the current options don’t cut it for most people: Itemized Bill Categories: Utilities, Subscriptions...what else would you like to see!

That’s an excellent suggestion about the manual category, and I am making a note to our product team! I think this is a great idea especially given that not all accounts can be linked to Envel. You actually can link Envel to Venmo, instructions here: How to Link Envel to Venmo | Envel Help Center.

For goals, you should be able to see the amount that’s currently in each Goal, but I love the boost option and will also make a note of this!

Thank you again for your constructive feedback, and any other suggestions or questions you have about the app are always welcome!


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Hi Jacqueline,

I was able to access/verify Venmo and transfer funds. However, Venmo won’t show up in my list of External Accounts .

Hey Amanda,

I believe that is because they are not technically a bank account. As long as you were able to successfully link to Venmo and transfer funds, I think you should be all set!