Gas Envelope - Authorization Amount

I’m manually transferring funds to my gas envelope. I pretty much always pay at the pump and “swipe” in the app to connect my debit card to the gas envelope prior to inserting my debit card in the card reader.

After inserting the debit card in the reader, I’ll see a transfer from the gas envelope to the Cash envelope and an authorization in the Cash envelope for $75. Let’s say I purchase $35 of gas. The $40 difference between the authorization and what I actually spent at the gas station remains in the Cash envelope and isn’t returned to the Gas envelope.

Appreciate y’all!

Hey Robert,

Thank you for the heads up: we’ve had some issues with Gas transactions before because of the authorizations/holds. Unfortunately the best fix I can think of at the moment is to manually transfer the funds back. However, once we implement our tagging transactions feature (I just saw a demo on Wednesday and it looks awesome, our developers are aiming to roll this out in the next few weeks!) you will be able to label transactions from a Gas station to be pulled from your ‘Gas’ envelope once, and then you can set it so that all future transactions from that vendor will all come from your Gas. This way the full $75 dollars will be pulled from your Gas envelope.

Hopefully this will help, and again I am very sorry for the inconvenience and limitations of our current system!


Thank you! I’ve been keeping track of gas “funds” exactly that way for now. Looking forward to tagging transactions! You’re great!!!

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