Gig Work /Instant Pay

I work various app/gig based jobs such as rideshare and food delivery. Most offer an “instant pay” option using either a bank account’s routing and account number or a debit card number. The funds are usually sent immediately and are available right away. They do not allow prepaid cards or accounts. Does anyone know if the Envel account and debit card work with the instant pay features?

This is the only reason I haven’t switched over 100%

I think debit card will work. I use the Envel Debit card with Google Pay and Cash App and I can instantly transfer the money to my debit card. It goes to the Cash envelop.

I get paid with direct deposit to my Income account and I do get it instant from Quickbooks.

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Hey Sdaino,

Welcome to our forum, we are super excited to have you on board and in this community! As @digiSal mentioned, there shouldn’t be any issues with this, if that’s what the service/apps allows for. We haven’t heard of any issues with this in the past, and we definitely have a user base that works gig jobs.

If you end up trying this and run into any issues, please let us know! And in the meantime, if you have any other feedback or questions about the app, they are always welcome here!


One thing that is concerning for me is that any CashApp/Google Pay/PayPal transactions are automatically categorized as Paycheck and I cant’ change it. In the past, this has called autopilot to kick in.

These are not paychecks. These are payments from friends to pay for dinner or whatever.

See that its is also a Salary transaction type

Ahh, I see. @Sdaino if you don’t want your income to be split by our autopilot, I recommend inputting the account and routing numbers of the envelope you would like the funds to go into!