Goal Funded A Month Early

Curious why a Goal would fund 31 days early. I have it due by 8/31/21 and it is now ready. Looks like its been ready since the 25th. A notification of readiness would also be good.

and i just noticed i have a Goal that needs to be met by 7.31.21. So it should have been done first.

Thank you! I know some fixes were recently implemented with goals, but I will log this as well. It sounds like the AI just confused your 2 goals!

My 7/31 goal didn’t complete. There’s enough money in vault to cover it. Manually moving .

I submitted a bug report for this within the app since now there are two that didn’t complete.

Thank you! I apologize sincerely for any trouble this has caused, and our technical team is in the process of investigating this and several related Goals issues users have reported!


Actually my goals have been funding way too much, as well. I’ve got 3 months until a goal is due, and its been taking out so much that it will be ready in a month. And I’ve repeatedly tried adjusting the date by a cpl of days, but it doesn’t decrease the daily amount.

Hey Heather,

Thank you for the heads up! Have you withdrawn funds from this goal at any point? This can sometimes mess with the algorithm. Also, so that our team can investigate, do you mind sharing the name of the goal?


No, I’ve never taken any out. Its my Escrow goal.

Thanks Heather! Our technical team is currently investigating this issue.


Hey Heather! I can’t find the post, but I wanted to follow up with you about the invalid PIN problem you were experiencing. Our dev team has manually fixed this issue, and we just wanted to check in to see if everything looked good on your end!


I’ll try to check it in the next day or 2 and let you know.

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Sounds good, thank you so much!

I have more goals not completing. I submitted bug report. It’s a pain since I have to break into the vault which transfers to cash , then I have to transfer to the goal . Please fix.

Hey there,

I’m so sorry about that! Mine aren’t funding either. Logging this as a top priority!


Was there any update with this? I have goals that are funding way too early as well. Which means it’s dumping more money everyday than it needs to. The calculations of amount per day are clearly off. I’ve had to update some to fund on time and instead of calculating the right amount per day in the time left it calculates way too much. This is really tough because that could be spending money or used to fund other bills or goals.