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Hacked? Autopilot put my account $10,000 into debt?

I opened my app yesterday to find that paycheck (deposited early) had been put I to my account, but my cash envelope was now -$10,000. I freaked out and toggled autopilot on and off and it kinda fixed itself. But what the hell is going on with autopilot? This is very scary! I’m also seeing multiple transactions listed for thousands of dollars. Now the bank is completely down. Is the bank getting hacked?

Was it?! Did you get an answer?!

It seemed to be a combination of autopilot not knowing how to handle direct deposits that land in the account before the 1st of the month (which is ironic since Envel says early direct deposit is a benefit of Envel!) and a problem with the partner bank. The partner bank, NBKC, tends to have a lot of problems. Things seem to be resolved now.