Had to move to cash twice from Bills

I transfered 11.99 from Bills to cash to pay for something since it was going to be longer than 15 minutes but around 2 hours later it was gone. I keep cash at zero currently.

I had to transfer the money again when I was notified the transaction was denied.

I submitted a bug in the chat but like everyone else, I never get responses there.

When you were making a payment on a purchase, Did the transaction come from your bill or cash envelope?

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Cash but it was declined because the money was gone.

Hmm :thinking:
Interesting have you check the time machine on where to track those funds?

Cash machine hasn’t worked for me. There is only once transaction there from when I first made the account

Hey there,

I apologize for the delayed response, our support team has been quite busy the past few days. But I am glad you came to this forum for support!

Is this the latest version? (1.11.0). It looks like the $11.99 did end up in your Cash, but I do see the two different $11.99 transfers. What are you seeing in your bills envelope?


This happened on the 31st before I received the update. The 11.99 initially ended up in the Cash account but 2 hours later it was gone so i transferred another 11.99. In my Bills envelop there is only the matching Cash from Bills transfers but no sign that it moved back. If there was an AI split I don’t see any.

I really hope this money isnt just dissappearing because I don’t see any kind of transaction of where it went from Cash.

Thanks you. If you click on the two transactions in the screenshot you posted above, what do you see? And for the Bills envelope transactions as well if you don’t mind?

Thank you! This appears to be a bug, I have flagged to our technical team as top priority and they are looking into it now!

You don’t see any funds appearing in other envelopes or goals by any chance, do you?