Head over to our Insta for a chance to win our Monday Funday Contest!


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I win this last time and never received my prize. When can I expect to get it?

Hey there!

I just got confirmation that the money was deposited into your account on 4/13.


I did this on Facebook yesterday, but then Envel deleted the whole post and sent me an Facebook message saying to do it on the Instagram post. But, by the time I saw the message the contest had ended. :cry:

Hey John,

I’m so sorry about this! We meant to only have the contest on instagram, but since instagram and Facebook are now connected our insta post automatically went to facebook without us knowing. I’m very sorry for this, but there will be future contests and we will make sure that we don’t make this mistake again!


No sign of it being deposited at all in my records.

Ok. I see it now. But I have to go to the Cash envelope to see it. It doesn’t show on the transactions screen. What’s the point of the My Transactions screen if it doesn’t show all transactions. I’m very confused by this interface. Why are there transactions listed in some places but not others? Your UI is so weird.

Also I cannot search my transactions by dollars amount. Add that to the list of necessary features.


Hey there,

I’m glad you found it! We are working on an improved transactions tab, so stay posted!