Help us improve Shared Envelopes

Hello everyone,

By far the question that was asked the most the last couple of days was;

"Is Envel offering joint accounts?"

While shared envelopes gives you most of the features of a traditional joint account, we know that some people want more. Of course we have a some ideas about what it should look like, but we’re not the market and therefore we want to know from you guys:

What should our version of Joint Accounts look like?

Help us build it, the more detail the better, the crazier the better and please make sure we keep it fun with the best user experience ever!

Awesome! A big thank you from the @envel team!




“What first drove us to start with simple was the shared accounts and personal accounts. My wife and I could both see and manage the shared account where all of our bills and shared spending occurred but had individual cards so you could see from which card each purchase was made from. In addition to this, it also had a separate personal account for both of us with a separate debit card which the other person couldn’t see or track but had the ability for easy transfers in and out of the shared account.” -@Babyhubel


One of my biggest reasons for wanting a more fleshed-out shared account experience is for bills. My wife and I have been banking with Simple for years and the joint account let us both deposit our paychecks so we could contribute jointly to expenses like our mortgage, phone bill, and monthly subscriptions we share while also being able to see how much money we have “safe-to-spend” jointly.


Simple had it set up great. Each of us had an individual account with a debit card each. Then we also had a shared account with a debit card each. Basically 4 debit cards total.
What was nice about the shared account is that we used it to keep track of expenses and budgeting. All of our groceries and bills were spent out of that account.
We had a shared savings as well.
Our personal accounts we used for personal purchases, and personal savings that we wanted just for ourselves.

Envel is different of course so it does to be the same. I would like one shared pocket between us for bills expenses grocery etc with a debit card right to that.
I’d like a second debit card for my personal spending.
If it had to be, I’m ok having one debit card as is now, but would like to attach it to a pocket for longer than 5 minutes (manually switching). This would only work well if we also had virtual cards with Apple Pay in addition to the main debit card. And the Apple Pay cards would need to have different designs so we can tell them apart or different names.

The importance of the shared account comes down to family budgeting. How much are we spending on groceries amount. What about medical. Etc.

The Personal accounts are really for freedom and privacy. I probably only spend out of my personal account 10% of the time.


Good ideas
The current 5 min limit is not going to work for many. As you said, I want to keep my debit card attached to a particular envelope as long as I want.


Hey Nomad,

I actually had that exact same thought yesterday! I can’t always make the transaction in the 5 minutes, and it would also be nice to be able to keep it linked to a certain envelope for an extended period of time.

Thank you for all your help,


Hey @whatthefisk, welcome to our forum! We are thrilled to have you!

Shared accounts are one of the most common requests we have been getting from simple users, and its very high on our priority list!

Our daily cash limit is the equivalent of the safe-to-spend! How have you found that feature?

All the best, and please keep sharing your suggestions here and on our subreddit u/Envel! We are ultimately building a bank to serve you, and your feedback guides our development.


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@jacqueline yes, I saw the “Guilt-free cash” and I look forward to getting funds into my account and using the envelopes! Just hoping to see a shared version where both mine and my wife’s daily spending is pulled from the same envelope; that way we both know in real time how much money we “have left” for the day.

I definitely see lots of similarities between Envel’s features and Simple’s. Like I said, looking forward to poking around

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@whatthefisk I’m so glad you are liking that feature! For now you can have a shared envelope with your wife, and improving our shared accounts feature is high on our priority list. We have a whole thred for suggestions on this! Help us improve Shared Envelopes


I’ll explain how my wife and I used our Simple accounts in hopes to shed light on improvements. Shared envelopes I think are sufficient, if implemented properly!

We each had our own individual account and a shared account.
Direct deposits for work go to the shared account and a separate deposit of $100 in to our individual accounts.

All bills and budgeting items came from shared. Our individual accounts were our “fun money”.
A virtual card number is essential for the shared envelope since I moved everything to autopay from the biller themselves (ie: water company takes their money, I dont think about it). Some are good with account/routing number, but many only accept a credit/debit card for that. I need both options! So, hopefully, the shared envelope has an account number tied to it.

Also, I didn’t see this answered, but since we would only have one card and we primarily used the shared card, I need to be able to “default” my spend account from the card to the shared envelope. I don’t yet have my funds available (still waiting), so can’t play around with that yet.

This is probably very common (my setup), but it’s what works for us and I’d like to keep that aspect of things the same. As I feel more comfortable with the AI stuff, I’d maybe start moving to that method.


Thank you @kelso! This is super helpful as many of us here didn’t have a Simple account, and are very eager to learn more about it and what customers liked about it (and what made it so simple!)

Conveying your notes to our team board, and a lot of us read this forum pretty regularly as well. Keep the suggestions coming if you have them, here or on our socials!

Excited to have you on board,

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I will second this. A shared joint account with the ability to have some “me” space


Agreed! Thanks for the note

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+1 we also had individual account for fun money.


That’s so cool, what constituted of ‘fun’ money?

I personally have a shopping envelope because online shopping for me is quite fun. And you can makes a bunch of different envelopes, for example one for your vacation, one for your party, one for avocado toast, whatever is fun for you! I’m also probably going to make one for exercise/gym…since it’s a new year and all!


Can we get this issue prioritized as well? The only think keeping my wife and I from using Envel as our primary bank account (leaving Simple) is the poorly implemented “Shared” Envelops. The restrictions a shared user has (having to request permission to withdraw money, not being able to link card to shared envelopes) is a huge deal breaker for us. If this could be fixed quickly, we would switch over in a heart beat. Thanks!


I’ve noticed on the “Simple to Envel” page, it states

“ Direct Deposit
Yes - to a special Paycheck account”.

Am I able to setup direct deposit into a Shared Envelope account using the routing and account number for the shared envelope?

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Definitely! As I’ve mentioned we are growing rapidly as a team and in the coming months will likely be able to incorporate top suggestions from users. For now our team is working round the clock to make improvements, most recently to the onboarding flow (check out our new version!)

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