How are you paying autopay bills out of the bills envelope?

I am READY to move to Envel from that other company who is closing their bank
My only real problem is when my autopay bills like Netflix, Audible, and other payments are using my Debit card. As it stands, any transactions that occur without me setting a link, will come out of cash. Fair enough… but as you know, those autopay bills come out at weird times and quite frankly they are on autopay so I do not have to think about them in the first place! Is there a way to link the debit card to an envelope if it comes from a certain company that debits my account?

Otherwise… I may have a bill come out and I will not have enough “cash” in my cash to handle my mortgage for instance… that means the transaction is declined am I correct? That will not work!


Hi Vinny! Excited to have you on board :star_struck: So we have a bill sorter that is currently being perfected to solve this problem. It is able to identify whether a transaction is a bill and ensure it pulls from the bills envelope and not the cash envelope.

Thank you for raising this issue, we hope you will be satisfied with the outcome when the functionality is released :raised_hands:


Thank you Tess! Do you have any idea when this will come out?
Thanks again!

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I don’t have a specific date for you but be expectant! :star_struck: In the interim you could link your bills envelope routing / account number to a vendor for a particular bill and initiate a payment. Although this is manual, it will ensure the bill is pulled from the bills envelope. It also limits the frustration and hassle of declined transactions until the bills sorter feature is live :raised_hands:

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Vinny, the bill sorter is in production! :partying_face: The feature might not catch all your bills but will learn over time. Being able to move transactions after they have occurred is in the pipeline. When this is released it will leapfrog the learning process as you will be able to flag bills that aren’t recognised by the bill sorter :clap:


Hi Tess, piggybacking on Vinny’s post, this bill sorter concept is # 1 on my list. One thing I’d like to ask from the Envel team is the possibility of more line of sight to the timeline.

I recognize a consumer asking his bank for a timeline to an internal development project is completely outside the norm (ridiculous, when I think about it). But, in an effort to continue breaking away from traditional banks (who provide zero communication), I thought I’d ask here. I believe the bill sorter issue is important enough to existing and potentially new Envel customers to warrant some visibility (i.e. will it be available in days, weeks, months?)

Thanks in advance for your time.

Best regards,

Dan Vargas

Hi Dan! Thanks for posting! The bill sorter is in production now but it is being fine tuned the more it is used so it won’t work perfectly just yet :grin: Please try it out this week and let me know how it goes! :clap:

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Thanks for the quick response Tess, that’s great news! I suspect because I haven’t gotten my debit card yet, I haven’t been able to see it in action. Should be getting my card in the next couple days and I will definitely try it out! Let you know how the experience goes.

Best regards,

Dan Vargas

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Great stuff! How exciting! Its like having Christmas in the middle of Feb! :star_struck: Enjoy getting to use your debit card :tada:


Actually, hopping on this topic, I have a few concerns and issues that have cropped up.
A lot of vendors do not allow you to connect to a checking account, so you must rely on using your debit card number in order to sign up for things like auto pay. In this case, the bills/cash section correlation to me is very unclear.

So I just keep a bunch of cash in both, because I can’t manage it and don’t really understand what Evnel is using to decide where to pull it from.

Furthermore, using the AI mode, the cash envelop has 2 $ values. One in bright white, and one that is larger but “greyed out” or disabled. The money is TECHNICALLY there, but it has decided that it goes against my "daily allowance’ and refuses to let me have any access to it, INCLUDING moving that money to any other envelope… that’s very disconcerting.

AND, I have a few envelops that I DID set up with checking account numbers to auto pay stuff. Those payments, if they make the envelope reach 0 have been getting returned to the vendors as “INSUFFICIENT FUNDS” and I’m accruing fines and stuff for not being able to pay those automatic bills “on time”.

This one particular envelope includes HOA and CONDO fees, and had enough money in it to pay both this month. Funnily enough, when I checked it today/yesterday, I had a range of different values reflected on it. Some were negative “-$260” and some were positive “$100” and due to the weird nature of how and what it lists as a transaction (the app seems to be undecided if it pulls from envelope A but it shows it as a transaction in the Cash envelope!?)

Am I supposed to put $1 more than I expect to need to pay, in order to prevent this? The money is in the envelope to be spent on a particular expense, so why, if the expense comes calling, is Envel then denying the charge?

Frustrated :grimacing: :sweat_smile: Can you tell?

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Hey there,

I am sorry that you are frustrated, but thank you for letting us know.

You can always turn off your daily cash limit if you do not appreciate that restriction. On the top of your Home Screen Tap where it says “Tap to Change Cash Limit.” That should do it! However, we could potentially make that clearer to users if you think that would be beneficial.

The Bills bugs you mentioned are currently the top priority for our dev team as they work towards our upcoming version. For now, if you would like to reduce your stress, I would honestly recommend turning off autopilot for a bit and play around with manually transferring your funds. However, it’s ultimately your choice! And as I mentioned, top priority.



Okay. So I try this and I can’t seem to find Envel’s bank anywhere with AT&T. And is frustrating, what would be the solution for this? Because I know is nbkc, but when I search for it, instead of letting me just add the routine/account number it wants me to sign in to the actual BANK ACCOUNT, which we don’t have…:bowing_man:t4:‍♂

Hi Luis! Welcome to the community forum! :grin: Apologies for the frustration, we are trying to resolve this issue with nbkc. A few other people have had the same issue so please read DJ’s response from earlier this week :slight_smile:

Let me know if there’s anything I can help with :raised_hands:

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@Tess - thanks for sharing DJ’s breakdown. @Envel - Can we dig a little deeper on this comment:

“In order to resolve this error, the users’ company (the vendor) will have to reach out to whichever service they use to validate routing numbers to make sure it is added to avoid future errors.”

The above statement explains the process once the vendor has agreed to move forward with adding Envel routing numbers, but it’s not clear who is responsible for initiating this process.

The statement seems to imply that it is the vendor’s responsibility, but when an end user has a negative experience paying a bill, it’s not perceived as the vendor’s responsibility, it’s perceived as Envel’s fault (@luisyomar curious if that’s how you felt?).

How does the Envel team plan to tackle this issue of getting Envel routing numbers validated with vendors? Should we as users be making this request to our vendors? I have no idea how this process works.

Thanks in advance for your time.



Hi Dan, will chat to the team to see how we can resolve this issue! Will keep you posted!