How does it know what to move to Bills?

So, I’ve just gotten my first direct deposit into envel and now can really get to see how the AI works.

It automatically sorted some of my deposit into bills, emergency, and vault, but I’m having trouble figuring out how it came up with those numbers? I connected external accounts, but not any that would help Envel figure out what I’m going to be using it for, and I haven’t even gotten my card yet, so I have no transactions.

So… how did it decide how much to put in each envelope? And is that something I can manually calibrate? Or will it just learn over time?


My understanding is that it learns over time. I’m still waiting on my first deposit though, so I can’t answer with 100% confidence. Just based on reading over the many threads of people asking similar questions. There is a couple Simple specific threads with lots of good info.

Yeah I read through the big thread and I saw a lot of people talking about how Simple’s expenses and goals worked, but less about how the AI side of Envels envelopes worked (except for a couple of posts about how to spend money from the various categories). Was hoping to get a firmer answer on what math the AI is using while it’s in the early stages of trying to figure me out.

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I’d like to know more about how the AI does that math too, and what we can do about it if we don’t like what it came up with. Like how do we calibrate or train it, without going to full manual mode?

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Hey there,

Apologies for not addressing this earlier, still learning my way around the forum. I think the best place to look is on this thread on reddit:

Also, I chatted to Steve (our CEO/founder), and he’s on board with providing users with more information about the AI functions in the app. We have added it as a priority for next week! We have also discussed publishing a general roadmap, and could definitely incorporate more detail about how the AI works (without giving away our secrets)

Hope this helps!

Jacqui + the Envel team