How long does support take to respond? Phone number?

I messaged support via in-app chat yesterday around 1:30PT, still haven’t heard anything back, even with a follow-up message.

I just sent an email in, in hopes that that will be a faster response, but that chat said responses are usually under an hour, so I am a bit worried about urgent issues that might come up if I move everything over to Envel.

Hope a phone number is on the way!

Hey there,

Apologies for the delay. I am replying to your ticket right now! And conveying your request for a customer support phone number to our support team, it’s definitely part of the long term plan.


Hey! I sent a response back to you. Thanks for helping

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Happy to help and please feel free to message me with any other issues! Any feedback or suggestions are also always welcome :slight_smile:

Did my response make it to you yesterday? Still having the same concern I wrote in about.

My only feedback at the moment is that its almost been 2 days since I sent in my initial chat, and it still says “Not yet seen” - so I have no idea when I can expect support to even read a message, which makes me very nervous if I have an urgent issue come up. (I know you took my email of course, I just would expect support to have at least acknowledged I wrote in via chat)