How the heck do I move money out?

Why is it so difficult to transfer money out of Envel?

Why is withdraw located in send? But not under transfer. You don’t send money to a bank you deposit it or withdraw it. Or transfer it. You send money to a person.

And why can I use plaid to attach accounts to Envel but I can’t find Envel in other apps that use plaid?

Why can I have multiple external accounts attached but I can only view their balances and not transfer money between them?

Why can I only have one bank attached at a time that I can withdraw or deposit money with?

For these and a Meriad of other reasons I have to stop using this platform it’s confusing to use and is missing critical functions. My Groceries envelope hasn’t been funded once but my cash and bills get over funded. The auto distribute function is a joke or a black box that can’t be predicted.

Hey there,

Thank you for bringing up this point. I’ve communicated to our UX/UI team. You can, when you select ‘Send,’ after you enter the amount and the Envelope you’d like to pull from, select that you’d like it to send to a ‘Bank Account,’ instead of Friends (its a switch). But we should absolutely make this more intuitive.

Plaid integration…we are working on it and should be searchable in Plaid within the next few months!

I’m not sure what you mean: you have to use each external banks’ individual app/website to transfer between 2 external accounts. Please let me know if I misunderstood.

Unfortunately the one linked bank account is a rule imposed by our banking partner, to reduce the possibility of fraud. You do have the option to use a third party app like Paypal or Venmo to attach multiple banking platforms.

The fix for the custom autonomous envelopes is going to be released in version 2.0.11, which we are aiming to have in app stores by Monday.

Thank you for the feedback, its very helpful for us. Please let me know if you have any other questions or suggestions!