How To Change/Remove All Default Envelopes And Add My Own Instead

I don’t want to use Envel for my checking account needs such as bills, emergency, etc. I just want to use Envel to help me control my spending. Is there a way to remove all envelopes and just have envelopes for categories like, shopping, dining out, etc? I have no use for the vault for example.

Hi David! Glad you are wanting to use Envel as a way to improve your spending! Hopefully you will enjoy the app and move over fully :grin:

Have you thought about using Envel to not only to control your spending but help you save as well? The vault is a great way to build up long term savings! You are not able to delete the cash, bills, vault and emergency envelopes. However, you could create a number of custom envelopes for your preferred categories and use the gas, charity and groceries autonomous envelopes as well if those are applicable :raised_hands:

If you would like to use autopilot, you could manually transfer money out of vault, emergency and bills to your preferred custom envelopes after your paycheck lands.

Please keep asking questions as they arise!

In my experience the best way to save is via controlling spending. The way I save in the traditional sense is by investment in 401k, stocks, metals and crypto currency. My gains doing this method over the years has lead to far more money saved than by getting .1% or less in a savings account.

I used to use Simple to control my spending and am now trying to duplicate that exact functionality in Envel. I never want to use the Vault because the UX makes it impossible for me to use on my phone. my phones screen doesnt allow me to tap the confirmation button. I have reported this issue – I have an iPhone 6SE and have no plans to get a new Apple device. I hope to use Envels web app once it is released to continue using Envel down the road.

I hope Envel will allow full customization if the Envelopes. Right now its just not how I arrange my money. I am just using now as a way to aeparate my spending cash from my bills etc. I see Envel has goals but I dont think it draws money from my cash like Simple did. Correct?

Great stuff! Glad you have a method that works for you! I think you will be able to set up your controlled spending in a way that suits you in Envel :slight_smile:

Which iphone SE do you have? The 4 inch one? Will follow up on that for you :grin: The web app is on the road map so thank you for your patience :muscle:

Customization of the envelopes is quite a popular request so we’ll have a chat about the possibilities available there :raised_hands: The goals draw from vault automatically whether in manual or autopilot :100:

Let me know if you would like some advice or tips to set up your account in a way that suits you :grin:

I have an iPhone 6SE which matches the dimensions of the iPhone 5. Its the last phone that the great Steve Jobs :latin_cross: probably had a hand in before he passed. Still hase the headphone jack == BEST PHONE EVER :iphone: However, the screen is quite small which is a bonus if you consider it as such… In the past when I have tried to “break the glass” :hammer: of my vault :moneybag: I was unable to tap the confimration button because the UI covers it and I am unable to scroll the screen so it is visible.

I hear that the web app is high priority and on the way. Appreciated :pray:

So if the goals are automatically fed from the Vault, how can I set a regular amount to be put into the Vault and not the other Envelopes? Its not clear how to do this to me. I’m not a huge fan of the AI “decision-making”. I like my financial control to be controlled by me but using some form of automation :gear:

Please let me know how I can set up my account to take the money I deposit to “Cash” weekly and move that cash into my goals while leaving some cash for me to freely spend from my cash envelope.

Okay, so it is a 4 inch screen and the app has been configured for 4.7 inch but there is a fix to be able to scroll down to the confirm button in the vault… Will test it out and log it if the scroll is not working :slight_smile:

If you use autopilot, money will be allocated to your vault and you could manually transfer money out of bills and emergency if you so choose. The other option would be to stay in manual and make sure to transfer money over to vault. Give this article a read to gain some more insight into Autopilot and the purpose behind Envel’s use of AI :raised_hands:

Once you have created goals, money will automatically be pulled from vault everyday to fund those goals. And left over money from your deposit will sit in cash for you to spend. You can manually transfer money into goals as well if you wish to :grin: This article on setting up your account may shed more light on goals.

Let me know if there’s anything else that is unclear :100:

Thanks for the info.

My only wish is to be able to remove the default envelopes. At least the non-“Vault” and “Cash” envelopes. Because I can’t remove those default envelopes, I would constantly need to keep emtying those bills and emergency envvelopes… Unless… the AI would learn that I don’t want those envelopes? If I keep moving my money out of bills and emergency envelopes would the AI learn that I never want to use those?

So the AI does learn over time but the logic ensures that income is always split. However, over time, the AI will allocate your income differently depending on your spending. I will bring this topic up though and get and to you :grin:

In this sense if you find your AI is not doing what you want or your financial situations change how can we reset or make teach our AI to work differently?
Perhalp a chat box to our AI to teach it what we want🤔

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Hey Amanda,

For Envel 1.11.0, we will actually allow users to create their own autopilot envelopes, and designate the funding rules for them as well! Hopefully this will help.


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