HP. Com Bill came out of Bills envelop with debit card

This was an interesting transaction. I setup my HP instant ink subscription to my my Envel debit card and when the payment came in, it came out of my Bills envelop. That’s new?

The notification, even told me how much I had left in Bills BUT the total said the balance was in the Guilt Free Cash envelop. See attached.

This is the kind of behavior I see when I Cardlink. So this must be new but it needs tweaking.

Hey there,

This is interesting indeed! Just to clarify, did you use card link for this transaction? Also, had you previously moved any transactions from HP to bills? And you want these payments to come out of cash, correct?


No, I did not use Cardlink. It’s on autopay.

and yes I do have a previous transaction under Bills but it was spent from Cash. I did not move it ( we didnt have that option last month)

Yes, and NO. Yes because I assumed it would come ouf Cash. No because it’s a Bill and this functionality is perfect! I just hope it wasn’t a fluke.

Last months. If the AI learned this is a Bill since I have it in the itemized list, then this is great

You all just need to communicate with us and new users that this will happen.

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Thank you for clarifying! When you say “I do have a previous transaction under Bills but it was spent from Cash” do you mean that you have other HP payments in from Bills? I am clarifying with our developers whether this was intentional or not!

no, I mean last month’s payment. See my previous screenshot. you can see the first one was May 12 from Cash.

Thanks! I just got confirmation that this was intentional: bill vendors and subscriptions are automatically sorted to bills!

Pretty cool. This definitely needs to be widely known since it lines up with what lots of folks have been asking for and working around with Privacy.com and other tricks.

and the notifcation needs to be fixed. see first post in this thread.

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Thanks! Our dev team is in the process of completely revamping our notifications. I chatted with our CEO and he agrees this feature needs to be more clear, so we are working to clarify this in the app!

This HP. Com transaction for this month was not automatically taken from Bills envelop this time around. I had to move it.