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Suggestion - It would be really awesome to be able to delete or edit the name of the custom envelopes, as well as to be able to edit the name of the autonomous envelopes!!


Hey there,

Apologies for missing this post, this is a great idea and I will add it to our to-do list!

Jacqui from Envel


Going along with that, the ability to organize and move around the envelopes would be great too!


Welcome to our forum, @ColdMangoJuice, great choice of user name btw.

Thank you for the suggestions, I will forward to the team! I think it generally it sounds like users want more ability to customize their envelopes


I wish I could see the automated bills that are to be paid in a list making sure all the funds are being pulled correctly and checking them off one at a time. It would be so helpful if this couldn’t act a a bill reminder at the same time.

Hey Amanda,

Thank you for the constructive suggestion! I agree this would be super helpful for managing personal finances, especially for visual learners. This has been brought up before, but I will flag it again and see if I can get it prioritized! We ultimately want to give users a sense of control over their finances and this would help a lot.


The ability to keep a minimum amount in your Bills envelope and the ability to auto-transfer out the excess by a percentage rather than just a fixed amount.

Example: I need $1,000 to cover all my bills.
Current Bill balance: $750
Deposit: $500
New Balance: $1,250
Surplus: $250

Auto-transfer $250 into 10 envelopes, at $25 each.

Hey Jordan,

Welcome to our forum, we are super excited to have you on board. Thank you so much for these constructive suggestions! I will convey them to our development team. The last I heard, we were working on a feature that allowed users to select percentage transfers OR fixed amount transfers!

If you have any other suggestions, questions, or feedback, please let us know anytime.