If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?

I would probably donate some and use the rest to travel and maybe buy a grand piano :slight_smile: How about you?

I just save it for retired life

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Thats very wise of you! I was thinking to use it towards travel and charity, but a million is quite a bit so I’m sure I could find a balance between savings, travel, and charity. I’m sure the Envel app would help guide me in the right direction!

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I’d use the first $3 of it to grab a beer and celebrate! Then I’d probably look for start-up companies to invest in.

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I think you could even maybe go a bit higher than $3!

I would tithe the first 10% to my church. I just turned 49 and have never had a new car, so the first thing I would do is buy me a new car. Then pay off every thing I owe. Then put the rest in savings. The amount I was paying on the things I paid off, I would take 3/4 of that and continue to pay into savings, which would allow me to save even more. I would continue to do what I love, teach 6th grade math or Science.


Hey Sid,

Welcome to our forum! I think that sounds like an excellent balance of treating yourself, giving back, while still thinking of your future and saving for retirement. I’m also glad that you have a job that you sincerely enjoy and are not doing solely for money…that can be hard to come by these days!

If you have any other question, comments, or feedback on the app, let us know. Excited to have you on board!

  • Pay off my student loans

  • Help my parents, family, and friends

  • Continúe to invest in dreams

  • See the world

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All great answers! I would also spend a substantial proportion of it on travel. There’s a whole world out there to see that’s been out of reach during the pandemic :world_map: :airplane: