Inaccurate balance 🧐

Not sure if this is a bug…
Anytime a purchase is made, the guilt free cash shows what’s left on the cash envelope

See screenshots below

Also noticed the balance are completely different

Hey Gary,

Thank you for catching this! Is this a reoccurring issue, or was it just this one time? I believe what may have happened is that the $1.72 transaction shows up as pending in the app, and thus hasn’t been deducted from your Cash balance in the app. However, it was deducted in your notification. Which amount would you prefer to see? I agree that there should definitely be some consistency!


It’s recurring issue based complete transactions on what’s left after purchase

Thanks: so you’re saying this happens even when the transactions show up immediately as completed in the app? Or is it just an issue when they say pending? I think this may have been intentional, but if you feel like its misleading I can definitely bring it up with our dev team!


Probably just the pendings that’s throwing me off lol :cold_sweat:

No, that makes sense! We can definitely look into updating this if you think it would confuse a lot of people