Income from Cash?

I thought autopilot didn’t sort Cash envelop?

I had 12 dollars sitting in cash waiting for Google Domains to charge my debit but this morning it was declined and I think auto pilot sorted it. I see this in the transaction history when I click the Show Brain icon

I had this notification of a Paycheck for 62 cents and when I clicked it I think I saw my 12 dollars get soeted

I’m not entirely sure where the 62 cents came from but auto pilot treated it as income and then triggered autopilot to sort my cash. I think.

I’m trying to find this 12 dollars.

Hey there,

Autopilot should only put funds INTO your Cash envelope, not take them out. What are you seeing when you click on your Envelope screen? And your Cash envelope?
One possibility is that you have your daily Cash limit turned on, in which case I recommend switching to weekly or no limit.


My Cash is empty, but it should only have 12 dollars in it.

I have had my Cash limit to weekly from the start. All day yesterday I saw the 12 dollars sitting there waiting for the transaction to hit.

but I suspect this morning it was sorted even though you say Cash shouldn’t be sorted.

What does Income From Cash supposed to mean?

This missing 12 dollars has been really bugging me all day.

It was sitting in my Cash Envelop and I mistakenly added my Paycheck account to Google Pay. When Google sent the verification funds of 62 cents it triggered auto pilot to split it. It split my Cash envelop which it’s been said it shouldn’t have. So must be a bug.
Here is proof it was in my Cash envelop.

Odd behavior so I really want to know what Income From Cash is? Sounds like autopilot considered it a Paycheck?

Hey there,

So I think what happened is that the $12 went into your paycheck/income account, which is where funds can sometime ‘wait’ to be split by autopilot. This is likely because you first added the Paycheck account. The $12 should be out of your income account, and if your autopilot was on at the time it probably got split amongst your envelopes!


That’s what I think too I just wish I could see it. When a paycheck hits the app shows me exactly how it was split but no where do I see how the 12$ was split.

Thank you, I understand! I do think that this was a bug that had to do with moving funds into/out of the income account, but please let us know if it happens again. If you go into your other envelopes, and look for deposits that occurred on 5/10 (or maybe a day or too later) you should see the $12 spread throughout. I apologize as I know this is definitely inconvenient, but I don’t believe this will happen again since you know have unlinked your income account!


All I see the screenshot from above. Letting this go until it happens again lol

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Okay, please keep us posted!

Sorry. I said was letting this go but I just noticed when I click Saved on the home screen I see 12$ as being saved. Is that where it went? What else constitutes as Saving?