Instant Transfer

I’d love to see an option for instant transfers. Have it to where we can transfer money from another bank using that bank’s debit card and have Envel charge us a small fee to add money to our Envel account within seconds.


Great stuff @IggiePuff :muscle:

I want this as well!

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Instant money transfers into your Envel account
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@Diederik @Envel until it gets added we can use something like Cash App. There is a small fee per transfer and depending on how much you transfer. I tested out Douugh and their instant transfer for $1000 they charge $30, Cash App for $1000 is just $15.

With Cash App you can do instant transfer for the fee or wait a day or two and get it 100% free. So, this will do until Envel is able to add instant transfer at some point.

Hey John,

Thank you for the information. I actually find that crazy that they can charge up to $30! We definitely are aiming to minimize fees for our customers, that’s a big part of how we differentiate ourselves from competitors and larger banks. But as always we appreciate the feedback and this feature is definitely part of our long term roadmap!


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@jacqueline that’s $30 just for a $1000 transfer, so the fee could be even a lot higher if you transfer a bigger amount. But, at least Cash Apps fee is 50% less tho.

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Strange as my Envel card was working fine with Cash app until yesterday I tried moving money from my cashapp to Envel and I was told my card/bank does not support instant deposit.
But I think it will be a great feature to have.

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