Is an IOS app in the works?

Is there any info on when this is happening? I saw that website based experience just won the poll but it seams like no one talking about an iOS app

I’m on Android myself, but don’t they already have an iOS app? THIS one comes up when searching the app store

Yeah, that is the Envel app. It’s on iOS and Android.

Weird I didn’t see that earlier…

Hey Scott,

Welcome to our community! We are super excited to have you onboard :blush:

@CMYK and @Obscura are correct, you can find the iOS app here (thank you both so much for your help!)

The Webapp did win the poll! This will take a decent amount of time to build, but the poll was super helpful because it will help guide our product development, and prioritize a Webapp above the deployment of other features. We will keep you posted on this and other features in the works through our “New Feature Fridays,” coming this Friday!

If any of you have additional feedback or questions, please feel free to post them anytime.