Itemized Bill Categories: Utilities, Subscriptions...what else would you like to see!

Hi friends,

I hope that you are all as excited as we are about our next Itemized bills feature!

We are reaching out because a common request we’ve gotten is that not all bills fall neatly into the two current categories, Utilities and Subscriptions.

So we are asking you: what other categories of Bills would you like to see added?

More info here on itemized bills here

And detailed instructions on how to set them up here


Jacqui + the Envel team

I’d like to have more options for recurring dates. Mainly Yearly and Quarterly.

I’d also like to see the balance of each itemized bill. For example, if I need 100 by the 30th I’d like to see if I have 50 dollars by the 15th.

I’d like to name my bills. I couldn’t find the merchants so that’s the field I’m using for naming.

Would be nice to sort them alphabetically or by balance, or by due date.

And what’s the purpose of Utilities and Subscriptions category?


The main thing I would like to see (which i don’t think is currently an option unless I missed it) is a way to see all the bills once i’ve added them without having to go back through recalibration. Right now it shows I have $800 in bills but since I can’t see the itemized bills it functions the same as just having a lump sum that I still have to keep going through and obsessively calculating which bills are due next, which ones I have enough for, and which one’s have to wait. Right now I can’t allow autopilot to take over unless I have the whole lump sum of months expenses up front which is not practical.

That on top of the fact that most of my bills are paid by debit card and not through routing numbers makes the bills category not very helpful or useful. I might as well just have all my money in one account and keep a separate budget spreadsheet which is a huge hassle that simple eliminated for me.

I guess I don’t get the point of whole separate bank accounts just for bills or gas money or things like that? It seems needlessly complicated but maybe I’m just not using it correctly, I’m still trying to get used everything.


Those were the initial categories we expected the majority of users Bills to fall into. But we care looking to add more options based on feedback, so let us know if you can think of any! I am also addition your other suggestions to our engineering team board, I agree that there should be more options for recurring dates and options to view the progress of bills!

Hey Eireann,

Thank you for the feedback! With our upcoming subaccounts (we are aiming to release the third week of May), all of your Auto envelopes with be the same account under cash. And thank you for your feedback about Itemized Bills: I am conveying to our design and engineering teams, and completely agree that visualizing the different bills is super important!


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Now that I am all in with Envel, hence all my commentary lately, I can see the benefit of having accounts for each envelop BUT unfortunately not everyone accepts banks but everyone accepts cards so Virtual Cards for every envelop would be great. integration would be good too.

Temporary fixes I have thought of but haven’t done:

  • gett a PayPay debit card and link to your Bills account.
  • Get a Target Red Card and link to your Bills account.

The Target Red card I did do but I linked it to it’s own envelop for different reasons.

Like I said. I am all in with Envel. My first Paycheck is next week so I’m hoping my employers takes the bank and the hold isn’t that long.


and I think I said I wanted to visualize all my bills but the more I think about it, the more I DONT want to visualize. When I was at that other bank, i had to borrow from one of my expenses from time to time and I could never figure out from which to borrow. Now, I just swipe the Bills envelop and i’m praying the AI will fill it back up on payday.

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Hey there,

Thank you for your feedback! I’m not sure if you saw our update, but we are close to rolling out our sub accounts and transaction tagging features: all of your Autonomous envelopes will be under the same account/routing number, and you will be able to tag your transactions to indicate which envelope they should pull from! And you will be able to set that you would like all future payments for a particular vendor to come from the same envelope, if you’d like. Hopefully this will solve a lot of issues for users!

And thank you for your temporary fixes, those are actually excellent ideas and I really appreciate the constructive suggestions! I assume Target Red cards can be spent anywhere?

We are working on integration, as well as several other platforms! Please let us know if your paycheck doesn’t arrive promptly. And good point about the bills, you always have the option to lump all of your expenses into one total sum!


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I’m assuming the Target Red card works any where Visa is accepted. I shall try one day and report back. I went ahead and did the PayPal trick but just noticed my PayPal Visa expired so waiting for another. I’ll use it to link to Geico and another non bank bills.

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Awesome, keep us posted!

Neither really. I’d rather not be restricted to specific categories and just name then myself. Thinking about, not sure what the point is for categorizing them at all. They’re all bills in the bills envelope.

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Hey Yusuf,

Thank you for the feedback! We were trying to separate things into categories to make it clearer for users, but you bring up a good point! I will convey the feedback to our product design team.


Is this the Target “Debit Card”?
I would definitely like to keep that as I’m moving away from credit cards (esp. store credits) and want to continue utilizing deal building ie. 5%, circle deals.

Yeah target Red card still works. I made an envelop strictly for target since the transaction takes a few days to go through. So I move money from Cash to that envelop each time I use the red card.