Itemized billing

Why can’t I reference the bill transactions that have already taken place in the envelope? I can categorize them from the transaction history but that does not auto add them to the itemized billing. Though it should. There is currently no way to reference past transactions for itemizing. I am left to trying to remember each name, amount, and vendor on my own that is not helpful in the slightest. At that point i might as well go fully manual and create an envelope for each transaction.

Also a full fledged website would be great it’s difficult enough to set this app up when you can’t view transactions next to the setup screens on a phone.

I wish simple never closed…

Hey Matajuro,

Welcome to our forum, we are very happy to have you on board and I’m truly sorry you are having issues!

The purpose of itemized Bills is for users to communicate to our AI how much they need for each Bill, how often, and by when. You should see all payments OUT of your Bills envelope in the transactions list when you click on Bills. We did have an issue yesterday when several users reported missing transactions that went through but were not shown in the app. This should have been resolved by today, so please let me know if you are still having issues!

A website is part of our long term roadmap: for now we are focused on perfecting our mobile functionalities!

If you ever had any questions, issues, or feedback for us, feel free to post anytime!

Have a great weekend,