Itemized Bills

So I finally gave auto pilot a try and set up the itemized bills but not having the ability to actually see how the money that’s moved to that envelope is being split caused me to turn it off and go back to manually managing my money.

Should I just create new Autonomous Envelopes for all my bills and try it that way?

Also it moved money into the Vault and Emergency when all the money to my eye would be needed for the Bill envelope since it was my first time using it.

I’m about to go all in with Envel with my first DD at my new job on the 30th. I’m super hopeful and intrigued about the autonomous envelopes and autopilot. I hope it works well for me. And I’m looking forward to transaction tagging and sub-accounts.

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Hey Jason,

Thats great news, we are super excited to have you on board! We would love to hear your feedback on these features, as well as your over all experience using Envel as your primary bank!


Hey there,

That’s one option! If you go to your ‘Deposits history’ (envelope screen), you can see how the autopilot split your funds between envelopes. Are you looking to see a breakdown of funds within the Bills envelope? If you are inputting sufficient funds to cover all of your Bills, the autopilot will definitely allocate funds to cover them all!