Itemized Expenses: we want your feedback!

Hi everyone,

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend :blush:

Earlier this week we rolled our our new itemized expenses feature, and as the title of this post suggests, we are looking to gather your feedback!

What do you like about the new itemized expenses? What do you dislike? What do you think could be better? (extra points for solutions on how we can do better).

Jacqui + the Envel team


I don’t think Envel itemizes bills like we do. Everything is either a subscription or a utility in Envel. What about insurances? Mortgages/rent? Haircuts? Loans? These are all things we put money aside for every month.

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@jacqueline I like this feature so far. Helps me remember what is due, when, and how much. The only thing missing is the option to pay bills right from the app. Or, have a virtual card for bills and have the money came right out of the Bills Envelope each month.

Just thought of something. How about have it set up to give us a notice when it’s getting close for a bill due date? That way we won’t be late on paying bills.


I saw this in the app updates but I don’t see where or how to use it.

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Great idea @IggiePuff … agree that alerts and ability to pay directly from the envel app should definitely be considered for future enhancements.

If this happened, I could delete the one app I use most - Prism - where I pay all my bills. Or in another scenario, partner with prism or one of its competitors, since they have all the backend connections to vendors already completed.

Great point, we are planning to add a few more options!

Hey there,

Follow these instructions: Add Itemized Expenses and Due Dates | Envel Help Center

Please let me know if anything is still unclear!


Hey John,

Thank you for your feedback! You can enable autopay through your various vendors in order to pay your bills, but allowing direct payments from the app is definitely something we want to enable in the future. The notification idea is excellent! I am adding that to our product team board, and please let me know if you have any other feedback!