Joint Accounts... and more new features?

Hey there,

New WeFunder investor here… is there a plan for joint checking accounts with Envel? Need this to make the switch over.

Other things that would be great to see:

  1. Holding/using crypto assets (as fiat is going to significantly decrease in value over the next 10-20ish years)
  2. Interest accrual on fiat savings
  3. ATM fee reimbursement up to a set amount / month (like up to $20 in fees)
  4. Low interest lines of credit up to a set percentage of holdings (up to 50% of assets, for example)
  5. Need ability to send checks (because a lot of landlords are stuck in the 20th century) – you could do this much like… where users input the address and when to send the payment, and Envel prints the physical check and sends it directly to the recipient.

Just spitballing on what I’d need to see to consolidate my financial life within Envel.



All are nice features to have.

  1. Envel is testing “Shared Envelopes” to cater to “Joint Accounts” requirement. This is similar to “Simple” banks “me”, “you” and “us” feature.
  2. Since Envel offers fee free ATM access, I don’t think so they may consider ATM fee reimbursement.
  3. Checks are on the way to become extinct, though some state departments still demand payment by check.
  4. Crypto - may be Envel can partner with other existing player depending on the demand.