Just installed updated app

Okay so I just installed the updated app. I’m on iOS 14.4 iPhone XR. Everything went okay with instal and login. Then I went to the autonomous envelopes that were not working before this update. I create the charity one no issues.
Then I tried the gas one and got an error the screen went black as if it refreshed and then white and I can’t see any of my envelopes :frowning: . I uninstalled reinstalled and it’s the same issue.

Sorry man, you’re really going through the most here! Thanks for persisting!

Can you reach the chat page under the support tab? If you can, open a new conversation and select ‘I’m stuck’. It will prompt you to provide a screen shot and some info (like you’ve done here) and will be automatically assigned to the tech team :smile:

Let me know if you can’t reach the chat page :slight_smile:

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Yeah I tend to find all the anomalies in tech. And it’s why I like to beta test stuff so others don’t have these issues. I’ll hit up the chat area thanks.


Chat received! Technical team looking into it

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@brandens777 your not the only one! It’s the same with me too, quite possibly an issues with iOS? I also submitted a ticket last night through the “I’m stuck”

@Ryy They had to sync the envelope or something. Didn’t get all the details but it was fixed for mez reach out to support via chat and they will help you out.

Yes @Ryy issue is bit different than @brandens777 and needs further investigation! :gear: