Lack Of Support

For the better part of a month, my wife has been unable to activate her card. We have got no real explanation of the issue. They have sent new card, that doesn’t work. Chat sometimes is insufficient when the business needs to get handled. Chat is really terrible, they take days to respond back. I just can’t Rock with this anymore.

Hey there,

I am very sorry to hear that, and thank you for giving us a heads up. I just replied to your ticket in intercom, but one of your cards should be ready to go. I apologize very much for any stress or trouble this has caused you! Feel free respond on here or via intercom, whichever is easiest.


Can u please unfreeze my account I verified my identity and they still telling me they ain’t go offer me no more services why I don’t know but it’s going on a month of them not responding to my e-mails and chat text in the app I really a lot behind on important stuff and will love your help because they ain’t trying to send my funds back or nothing

Hey Kenneth,

I am very sorry that you are having such a negative experience. I just followed up with our support team members who were assisting you. Please let me know if you don’t hear back by tomorrow!


I’m missing $4,000 because of envel… need help

I hate being this person and I don’t want to be this person, but I’m officially desperate. I’ve been trying to get my money (around $4,000) out of my Envel account for over two months.

Just over one month ago I started a thread with customer support for their assistance. They had no idea how to send me the money after they closed my account.

I proposed a cashier’s check and they eventually said they sent it to me. It’s been a month with all of my inquiries being ignored and I have thousands of dollars just simply missing.

As someone in the software product space, I get it. I don’t ever want to be this person. Yet, I’m not in a position to just simply lose $4,000 and I’m not getting the help I need.

I do need help in understanding where this money went, since unfortunately, nobody seems to be helping me with the current support system and there is no other way of contacting anyone other than through the chat (which they rarely respond to).


Hey Tessa,

I am so so sorry you had a negative experience. I will bring this up as urgent at the support team meeting in ten minutes, and will have someone get back to you today!


Hey Tessa,

Just an update: we are reaching out to our banking partner, who issues and sends the cashiers checks, and asking them to fix this immediately!


Hi there - any update? I’m expecting this situation and communications to be handled promptly. This is absolutely insane. How are you in business and handling people’s money.

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hello there, I was having an issue with envel yesterday when it came to verifying my details
and i need further assistance
my account would be under this email;
Torey Sanders
would be the name

Hey Khalique,

It looks like you need to complete the verification process! How far along in the onboarding process did you get?


As you are creating your account, it wants you to plug in the following information
first name last name or name is that shown on your Id
address (I know my address changed that is on my id because i have moved
social security ( i successful completed all of that information and still said it could not verify me.
(I didn’t get far far i’m going to try again later on today.

Here I go - I am going to start posting to this thread daily and putting Envel on blast.

Will someone PLEASE get back to me.

Did this het resolved?

Hey Jamie,

Welcome to our forum! Yes, we had to reissue the check but Tessa did confirm that she received it.