Less talk, more action! When will a first major update be released?

Hi, I know you’ve been busy working on things. But I have to say, it’s been pretty brutal using your product over the last month. Mainly for the reason that the AI doesn’t remotely work at guessing how much money to set aside in which accounts (I’m sure it needs a decent amount of transaction history to get decent at this) and the fact that you don’t have any method to simply say manually add x amount of money Weekly / Bi-weekly (however often you get paid) to enter amounts in the various custom envelopes. So basically the automatic and a manual process don’t work very well.
This is leaving me to utilize a spreadsheet of how much money per pay period I need to manually shuffle around to each custom envelop.
The next major hurtle is that only companies that allow bank account linking can come out of the custom buckets I’ve created. This means for all bills that auto-charge on a particular date via debit card (which is the only option for many companies) it will come directly out of cash. Cash of course is supposed to be extra money. This makes money management particularly useless at the moment. Obvious the better method would be to allow selecting a transaction as it comes in and being able to attach it to a envelope of your choice. This way at least after the first time, bills would fall into a proper envelope.
I know you’re very new and are actively working on much of these aspects, but I’ve so far only seen talk and no incremental releases being deployed to help alleviate these issues or show that it’s truly being done.
Also, separate note. Why under transactions is there no search option and only a strange useless “Time Machine” button that doesn’t seem helpful, just why?
I love the concepts of everything you’re working on, but I honestly get very worried when I see lack of obvious features such as being able to actually search transactions and being able to create lots of envelopes and yet not being able to say how much money per paycheck you want feed into each. They seem disturbingly short sighted.
Ok, enough venting. The real question is whether there is a date for when a release will come out and start addressing some of these pain points.


I honestly agree. The AI doesn’t really work for me nor set enough money in my bills envelope even after multiple calibrations.

I’m also really hoping a update to get rid of the timer all together, be able to assign virtual cards to each envelope, bills sorter (or being able to select like OP metioned of being able to assign a transcaction to come out of a certain envelope) or even a form of dynamic overdraft will be incorpoated soon. Luckily most of my bills can be paid through ACH but things like Disney+, Youtube…etc is starting to become a growing pain in that it has to come from the cash envelope.


Hey Jay,

Thank you for your note. The search function on the Transaction tab is a great suggestion, which I will flag to our dev team immediately!

I’m really sorry that you’ve been having issues. There is actually a lot of action going on behind the scenes, but I apologize if we haven’t been more concrete about publishing a timeline/roadmap. This is an ongoing discussion on our team, but we obviously have some concerns about publishing a timeline given the uncertainties surrounding our banking partner (and banking regulations in general), our team’s resources and the time to needed to build a given feature and then get approval. We don’t want to make false promises.

A team member always post on here whenever we have new information about our updates, new features, and other big news. If we do decide to publish a roadmap, you guys will be the first to know!

And thank you for describing your major issues/pain points, this is very helpful for us as we move into the upcoming week, and I am conveying all of your feedback to our engineers.

Appreciate your feedback and engagement,

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I agree with all of this. Unfortunately, at almost two months after your post, everything you mentioned here is still a major issue and hasn’t been addressed.

Further more, each payday, my entire paycheck goes into cash, AI doesn’t separate it into where it should go based on my spending, bills, etc.

Hey Scott,

I’m very sorry about your frustration. We did post a plan for Envel 2.0, which you can read about here.

Did you have other specific updates or features you had questions about? While we are doing everything we can to roll out new features and updates as requested by our users, there are a lot of uncertainties involved in building our app, especially surrounding our banking partner, banking regulation, and the bugs that inevitably come up when engineering new features. We want to build you the best app possible! And while our team is extremely committed to doing so, some things take time. Once we complete our A round, we will be greatly expanding all of our teams, especially engineering, which should accelerate our ability to put out new updates.

In terms of your AI, that definitely shouldn’t be happening. Your AI mode is on, correct? Turning AI on and off has been shown to help with a lot of similar issues.