Let’s Make ENVEL Better Together

I have few suggestions to make ENVEL better for everyone.

  1. First tab on app to be only envelopes, so it will be simple, clean and functional.
  2. Second Tab to be budget tab for users to allocate exactly how much they want to go to Bills, Cash, vault and Emergency and let autopilot allocate that amount on every payday or ability to do it manually.
  3. Third Tab is perfect clean and Clear Cardlink and check deposit.
  4. Fourth Tab be transaction and Tagging
  5. Fifth tab be Settings for External bank connection, privacy, security, card features, built in atm finder, chat support etc.

Unique Features to add

  1. Ability to spend remaining money from gas envelope at gas station.
    For example, if you have $9 left in Gas envelope and when you use gas envelope it should automatically stop at $9. QUBE Money as ENVEL competitor has this feature.
  2. Pie feature like M1 Finance when ENVEL lunches it’s investment features, please don’t limit users to have only 2-3 investment accounts like SoFi.

Please let us know if these features are in work or will be releasing soon.
Thank You Team ENVEL.

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Hey Tulsi,

Welcome to our forum, and thank you very much for your details feedback!

We are currently in the process of reworking our UI and different tabs, and we think that’s you’ll like our improved version a lot. I will convey your feedback to our UI/UX team to see if we can incorporate it!

Thats a cool feature for the gas envelope: I will ask about it. Have you tried paying for gas from your Gas envelope? We don’t do overdrafts, so it should either stop pumping or pull from a different envelope once you reach $0 in the gas envelope.

Someone else brought up the pie feature from M1! I’ve passed this along and will add your vote to it. I definitely don’t think we plan to offer that few investments. Stay posted for more information on our fractional investment platform and other features.

Thank you again for your valuable feedback, we are super excited to have you on board!


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Hey Mario,

Excellent idea, I’ll bring this up to our development team. Thank you for the feedback!