Linking card to Shared Envelopes

I do not have the ability to link my card to a shared envelope (that I created). Bug or feature?


You do! Have you been able to do so successfully?

I do not have the option to do this.

Hey there,

My apologies, turns out that is not a feature we have enabled yet (I haven’t played around with shared envelopes yet but I’m glad I did!). However, it is on our roadmap

Are we able to set direct deposit to a shared envelope?


Yes! As long as you make sure to give your employer the routing/account number from that envelopes (you can find this information by clicking on the shared envelope, and then taping on the rectangle with the Envelope description again)

Do you have an ETA for when we will be able to link our card to a shared envelope? This is a critical feature for how my wife and I want to use Envel.

It is also very important that anyone with access to the envelope be able to link their card to the envelope.

Needing to transfer money out of the shared envelope into one of our private envelopes defeats the purpose of the envelope system. We need to be able to spend from them directly.


I would love an update on this as well


Hey there!

Thank you for the feedback! Unfortunately we do not have an ETA for allowing card linking to Shared Envelopes, as our dev team is currently prioritizing the updates that we have laid out (for the next 8 weeks at least). However, I will definitely convey your feedback to the team, and am also keeping a running tally of user requests, or which expanding Shared Envelope capacities has been one of the most common (especially from Simple users). And we will update this forum as soon as we do have updates!

Appreciate your feedback, and excited to have you on board. If you have additional suggestions or questions, please do let us know!

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For that tally, you should double the number, because in my case, and I’m sure in everyone’s case that is requesting this, my spouse is requesting this feature as well, and she is a current Envel user


Good point! As it currently stands, our top requests are 1) joint accounts (that can be linked to multiple debit cards) and 2) a web app.

Thank you for your note!


Perfect! You can add my wife and I on your tally for a Web based version as well. You never know when there will be a moment that your phone is broken, or dead, and would like to have access to our banking information.


Absolutely, thank you for letting us know! Adding your votes to the tally

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Yes, this is a much-needed feature. OneFinance customers will move faster when this feature is available.

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I just moved here from OneFinance, because of ability to have shared accounts, a little disappointed to learn that the card cannot be assigned to the shared accounts. This feature is so great for family budgeting, its a shame companies are removing them, First Simple, then One, I really hope to see this feature soon.

Same its one of the best feautures