Loading Screen Spinning Graphic


Every time I open the app I see the rotating Envel icon move from right to left, and it’s cute and I like it.

What I don’t like is that it’s off center. Can this be fixed? It’s only off center once it begins to rotate.

Hey Ryan,

I’ve never noticed this, but good point! I will bring it up with our UX designer, and see if we can fix it.



Also, just got my partner to sign up so we can share envelopes. I want to share my emergency envelope with him… or any already existing envelopes.

Can this be a feature request?

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Absolutely! Someone else brought this up a while ago, so I’m glad you reminded me. For now, unfortunately, I believe the best solution is to create the new shared envelope and transfer all funds from your envelope to the shared envelope. This shouldn’t take too long!