Loans and Checking Credit score 🥸

I think loan services would be something to add on based on partnering with different companies for users such as mortgage loans, student loans, auto loans (New & Used), and personal loans…

Second part we should also have a way to check our credit score daily or every 30 days to keep track on what needs to be improved…

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Hey Gary,

Thank you for the note! A loan service is part of our roadmap for 2022, and specifically our board is interested in funding student loans, given that we are targeting a new generation of bankers. Offering our users these types of loans is definitely in line with our overall mission as a company!

The credit score isn’t something we’ve really discussed, given that we don’t offer a credit card service, but it’s definitely something I can bring up as an idea. Ultimately we do want to be your all-in-one finance app, so eventually I think this would be a great idea.


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