Locked Account With No Help

I received a notification from my Envel App three days ago saying that there was an issue with my debit card & I needed to contact Envel. I checked my app & nothing was wrong or made me think there was any issues. I tried to use my card, as I do everyday, at a merchant for food. It declined 3 times. Upon contacting customer service, I was told my card was in a “Lost or Stolen” mode. Which I never locked my card, and still isn’t locked to this day. I have tried to contact Envel through email, chat and phone. I have only gotten response from email and they’re asking me to confirm all deposits that were deposited into my account over the past 30 days. I did, and they’re asking where the funds originated from before entering my account. (nothing fraudulent going on, just friends and family sending me money because I’m pregnant with no help or job at the moment)

That’s all the money I have in my Envel account and I can’t withdraw it or transfer it whatsoever. How do I go about this?? Help!!!