Missing a few thousand $$ of deposits

A few weeks back I noticed some of my deposits weren’t showing up in Envel. I first reached out to the source of the deposits and they all confirmed the deposits were being sent to the correct account. I had received several deposits from these sources to these same Envel account before too so I didn’t expect any issues from the source of deposits. I then reached out to Envel support. They confirmed the deposits were received and sent me screenshots of the deposits coming into my account. However, these deposits aren’t showing up in my app at all. So I decided to reconcile the account from the time it was created and I’m definitely missing several thousands of dollars worth of deposits including the ones that first got my attention. I’ve sent several more emails to support with no response or answers. This is really bad. Please help!

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Hey Michael!

I apologize sincerely for the issues you are having, and for any stress this has caused you. This definitely isn’t the experience we want to provide for our users.

I replied to you on twitter, but long story short we are working to fix a bug where certain transactions aren’t showing up pin the app, even though the funds are there. This bug is a top priority for us, and I can assure you that your funds are indeed in your account. Did the statement my colleague sent you help clear things up?

Again, I am terribly sorry for this, and please let us know if you run into any other issues, or have any suggestions on how we could improve the app.

All the best,