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Missing transactions

The balances seem correct. Do I have to download the whole register and do the math myself? Big things like my income from the 1st and house payment made on the 10th are not listed. A $40 charge from Amazon is not there but one from a few days earlier appeared instantly.
Everything that happens to or through my account should be reflected on the app at the same time.

Hi Brian,

It looks like you are asking account specific questions that will require a bit more research.

Please log in to your Envel app and contact us from the support options there.

Kind regards,


Just like so many things in Envel The in app contact is useless as well. The email only works with Apple mail app which I refuse to use. Gmail is plenty. The message contact is one of those puzzle kind that if you give the wrong click at first there is no way to back out or start over. For some unknown reason this support thing is not what you were talking about.
Please. Can you take my concerns here and respond to me through the proper channel? You have my email.