Mobile deposit

Just wondering why there is no mobile deposit on this app cuz it seems like this app rather than just design it should have more than a new design but doesn’t.,it doesn’t include Mobile deposit and that’s kind of weird because most apps do …just suggesting the idea it’d be nice. And let’s go on and add some type of assured mobile banking with cash rewards to put you guys at the top of the banking services :wink:.!


Hey Jose,

Welcome to our forum- we are excited to have you on board!

Thank you for your feedback. We are keeping a tally of feature requests, and I will add your votes to the mobile check deposit and cash rewards features. The mobile deposit is a common request we have gotten, and as such I will continue to push for in to be a priority for our next series of updates!

We just announced our 8 week roadmap here: Envel update. So for the next 8 weeks these are our priorities, but we will keep this forum updated with about future plans and upcoming features.

Appreciate your feedback, and feel free to post on here with any other suggestions, questions, or thoughts!


Wait. So now I’m confused. I was planning on using Envel as my only bank. So how do I deposit checks? Is there a physical bank I’d have to go to? This is crazy!

Hey there,

Unfortunately we do not currently offer mobile check deposit, given that the majority of our users receive their payments via direct deposit or other online transfers. However, it is part of our long term plan! I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused.