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Money Missing from Cash Envelope

I’m seeing some pretty large discrepancies between the account values shown in my envelopes and how much they should be based on adding up my own transactions (and the ones listed on the envelope don’t match up either). I also submitted a bug semi-related to this wherein yesterday I used the debit card link feature to buy some groceries from my groceries account, and it is now stuck there, and I believe the account values were all correct before then too. I understand the transactions can be delayed sometimes but I’m talking a good ~$500 is seemingly unavailable with no matching purchase to account for it.

Hey there,

I’m sorry you are seeing these discrepancies. Which envelope(s) did this happen in, and when you made the transactions, were they via card link? If you could send me screenshots of where you’re seeing the discrepancies, that would be super helpful! Feel free to DM me by clicking on my profile and selecting ‘Message’.