Moving transactions between envelopes

Is it possible to move transactions between envelopes? If I use my debit card for Gas but forget to switch it to the Gas envelope before hand, can I move the transaction over after the fact? Or better yet, can I set rules so transactions from certain vendors automatically get spent from specific Envelopes?


Not currently, but they’ve been listening and are talking about it internally.


I really hope they prioritize this! Seems like a very important safeguard because of the multi-account envelopes. So easy to forget or not have time to switch your debit card to pull from the envelope you want beforehand


Hi all,

Thank you for bringing this up! I have already flagged this to our engineering team, and I agree that it makes sense. Lots of people may forget to link their card to the correct envelope in the moment, but then later want to reorganize things. I will mention it again to the team!

Another similar feature that folk have brought up is the ability to also add notes post transaction. In general I think that the more customization, the better, as each user is different and may want to tweak the AI’s allocation of funds. Stay posted!

Jacqui + the Envel team